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How to Download, install and use Noise Control on your Windows Computer

At the moment, Noise Control is not available for direct download on a computer. However, you can use emulators to run it on PC. The downside is that using Noise Control with an emulator might slow down your computer's performance.

Learn how to use Noise Control on your computer in these 5 simple steps:

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks App Player on your computer. Do so Here >>
  2. Once installed, open the software and sign in using your Google account.
  3. On the program's search bar, Search for Noise Control on the in-built Play Store. On the Noise Control app page, Click the install button.
  4. Once your Noise Control has been installed, click the "All apps" button to access all your applications on the emulator
  5. You will then see the Noise Control app. Click to run the app. Using this method, you can now enjoy your other favorite Utilities application on a Windows PC

About Noise Control

Developer Description

Noise Control "ask" people to shut up by "saying SHHH..." automatically! Yes, this is the Noise Control App used by many elementary teachers for innovative classroom noise management! Noise Control is the pioneering intelligent iPhone App of its kind and we are proud of your precious support for innovation! What's more, Noise Control is interculturally effective since "Shhhhh.... " is quite simply a cross-cultural way of saying Shut Up! Tired of constantly asking your kids to stop making noise? In a library and want those talking people to stay quiet but don't want them to know you are the one who "SHHH...." them? "Noise Control" handle these for you automatically! "Noise Control" continuously monitors the ambient sound level. If the sound level is higher than a user specified "Noise Limit" for enough time (e.g. 1.5 seconds), "Noise Control" will "SHHH..." automatically. (While at the same time, you can pretend to be busy or actually keep busy with something else) Of course, you can always tap on the "Loud Speaker" image and "Noise Control" will shush ASAP on your demand. KEY FEATURES: 1) Cross-Cultural "Shhhhhh.... " is quite simply a cross-cultural way of saying Shut Up! 2) Ambient Sound Level Monitoring Utilizing the built-in mic of your iPhone to monitor ambient sound level. 3) User Specified Noise Limit Use the "Noise Limit" slider to set the sound level limit which helps "Noise Control" to decide when to shush! 4) Dynamic Sound Level Meter Helps you visually monitor the environment sound level and determine the "Noise Limit" accordingly 5) Instant Shush Button Tap on the "Loud Speaker" figure and "Noise Control" will shush as soon as it can. 6) Smart Sound Monitor "Noise Control" shushes only when the sound level is higher than the "Noise Limit" for cumulatively enough time within the pass few seconds (approx. 1.5 to 3 sec). So don't worry when you drop your pen or need a quick cough. 7) Adjustable Mic Sensitivity Adjust the mic input sensitivity to cater different environment 8) Silent Mode Friendly Works even when your iPhone is switched to "Silent Mode" with the "ring/silent" switch Note: - "Noise Control" requires access to built-in microphone, you MUST allow Noise Control to access microphone when prompted - "Noise Control" requires iOS devices with built-in microphone. - To let other people hear when "Noise Control" shushes, remember not to connect your iPhone to any headphone/earphone/headsets. - "Noise Control" was named "Keep Quiet..." prior to version 1.1

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